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Spray Tanning

Why all the hype around sunless tanning?

Because it’s a healthy and safe alternative to harmful rays that cause sun spots and other skin conditions.


We’re so excited to add custom spray tans to our services!! You don’t need an occasion or event to have beautiful, natural glowing skin.


Our formulas are custom made to your skin type, made from EcoCert DHA and produce a beautiful honey, caramel or true brown tan. Never orange!! Also infused with natural ingredients to help moisturize, nourish and even tighten your skin. 


Paraben Free * Odor Free * Cruelty Free * Gluten Free * Sulfate Free * Formaldehyde Free * Naturally Sourced Ingredients 


Our clear or bronzing airbrush tans typically last 7 days depending on skin type, lifestyle, and how well one maintains his or her tan​.

Longevity and fade is like a natural tan​. If you have any trouble spots, simply exfoliate the area or add bronzer to blend.

Spray Tan Prep & Aftercare:



Shower, exfoliate and shave prior to spray tan - recommend at least 4 hours before and just a light rinse without any soap or body wash (except on the armpits & private areas).


Refrain from soaps and scrubs that contain oils.


No make-up, oils, lotions, perfumes, deodorant or any existing self tanner or remnants from an old spray tan, as they can act as a skin barrier. This can cause streaking, green areas or prevent the color from being absorbed.


Special occasion? Get hair removal services, manicures and pedicures before tan session. Refrain from massages or water activities for 2 days after tan.


Wear or bring loose, dark clothing and flip flops.


If wearing clothing during tan session, bring swimwear or underwear.



Wear loose, dark clothing and avoid bras and anything tight that will cling to the skin.


Do not sugar, wax or shave for 24 hours after tan session.


Stay cool. Avoid exercise or activity that causes sweating for at least 8 hours after tan session. Do not rub skin.


Keep skin moisturized - avoid oils.


Wear sunscreen!

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