Sugaring Aftercare

I normally break out with little white bumps after hair removal will that happen with sugaring?

It can! Hair removal stimulates your oil glands to start over-producing oil. I suggest to try it at least twice if you are going to have it done before an ocassion such as your

wedding. Usually it happens if you are prone to the bumps and if you wait long periods between appointments. The bumps usually do not happen if you come in on a regular basis. I will also give you a cold towel with ice in it when you leave to help the bumps to go down. So, if you are wanting to do hair removal and those pesky white bumps are keeping you from trying it just call us and discuss what service you want to do and we will set you up on a schedule and try our best to help you prevent the bumps from happening. Hopefully we can make them a thing of your past.