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Let’s Talk About Brazilians | Sugar Hill Spa
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Let’s Talk About Brazilians

Brazilians seem to be the one service I get the most questions about. Most new clients tend to feel embarrassed or shy when it comes to asking questions about Brazilians. So lets just get it all out on the table!

What is a Brazilian?

I am just going to be blunt here because there is no way to sugar coat this! A brazilian is removing all the hair from your backside (your rear-end) all the way up through your labia. Some remove every bit of hair up top too. Some people leave a little hair up top. Sometimes in the shape of a triangle or sometimes in the shape of the infamous “landing strip.” So basically when you come in we will discuss what a Brazilian is to you and what you would like to do!

Do I have to do the backside?

No. I am not going to make you feel awkward or uncomfortable if you do not want to do it. Although, it is usually the least painful part of a brazilian. It even hurts less than the bikini region for most people.

Does it hurt?

Yes. All hair removal hurts. But it is not unbearable and most clients think it is less painful than waxing. Relaxing and taking deep breaths help with the pain.

Does it hurt less if I do it more often?

YES!! Maintenance is key!! Once you have had a Brazilian you should always book your next appointment within 4 weeks. We call these “Touch-Up” appointments. At a touch up appointment you will have about 1/4 of your hair back. 1/4 of the hair = 1/4 of the pain!! Touch up appointments usually only take about 10 minutes. To encourage you to come in on a monthly basis we offer special touch up pricing of $40. It is so worth it!

Should I shave between appointments?

No!!! You will not need to shave or trim between appointments. If you do the hair will be too short to remove.

How long should my hair be?

You want to have a little bit of length to your hair but not too much. I recommend about 1/4 of an inch. About the length of the end of a pencil eraser. If it is too long we will trim it. Sometimes if it is too long it will feel like someone is pulling your hair when I apply the sugar! Good news is if that is happening to you just let me know and we can trim it down a bit!

Can I take something or use something for pain before coming in?

If you want to. Some clients have told me they have taken Advil before coming in. Others have tried numbing creams such as No Scream Bikini Cream! Just let me know if you have used any creams before coming in. The sugar is water soluable so any residue will cause it to not adhere to the hair. Don’t worry, we always have plenty of hot towels you can use to wipe any residue off. Just let us know if you need one.

What happens when I arrive at the spa?

I will greet you in waiting area and will escort you back to the private sugaring room. I will ask you if you have ever had a brazilian before and if you have any questions. I will then tell you to get undressed from the waist down and to lie down on the table whenever you are ready. I will step out while you get changed and will back a few minutes later.

How long does it take?

It depends! I have done brazilians in less than 5 minutes and some take up to 20 minutes. My main goal is to get you through it in the most comfortable manner possible. If that means we take breaks and let you have a breather then that is what we do!

What happens after it’s over?

Congrats! You have a brand-new Brazilian. You will be handed a hot towel to clean any sticky residue that may be left on your skin. Since the sugar is water soluble everything will just melt right off leaving you super soft and clean. I will then leave the room to give you some privacy to get cleaned up and dressed. We will meet back up at the front desk when you are ready!

What if I can’t do it??

I have about a 98% success rate in getting people through a first time brazilian in the first appointment. But I would rather have you as a client for life than a one time client. So if the experience is starting to seem like it is traumatic to you I will stop and ask if you would like to stop. I will encourage you to do the brazilian in two appointments. Do as much as you can the first time and then come back in 4 weeks for a touch up and remove the rest. The hair we remove at the first appointment will come out much easier at your touch up appointment making it tolerable to remove the additional hair.